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Breaking The Grip of Homosexuality

How God broke the grip, homosexuality had on my life, just before i was
about to take my life, from severe conviction of my sin of homosexuality.

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Secondly, the nature of man. The nature of man, not only what evil is, but what man is. Look at verse 14. This is so interesting. But every man, is tempted, or literally hekastos, every one or each one, but each one, each individual is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. But, is the first word. Here is the fact that is essential, temptation doesnít come from God, but every man, each one of us, no exceptions, all individuals, there is no one outside of this purview, everybody, is tempted thatís a present tense, going through the repeated experience of temptation, when he is dragged away and enticed, mark this, underline it, by his own what? Lust. Dragged away or enticed are two interesting words. Both of them are participles. The first one comes from hunting. And it is used of luring an animal into a trap. A trap is baited and the animal is lured into the trap. The verb itself helk (-mai) means to be drawn by an inward power, an inward power. It means to be lead, to be compelled to be impelled, to be lured into a trap. To be baited and caught. Itís a hunting term. The second term, enticed is a fishing term. That word means, literally, to capture or catch and its literal use was to catch a fish with bait. To bait a hook and catch. In 2 Peter 2:14 and 18, it is translated to allure or to beguile. Deleazomenos, it means to entice to catch a fish with bait. The problem is this, every person is tempted when the hook is baited or the trap is baited and we are lured away, compelled away, dragged away, beguiled away by our own what? Lust. These terms, see the one being tempted is being lured, deceptively and then hooked and trapped in sin. Just think about that imagery, the reason that animals are baited and trapped, and fish are baited and trapped is because the bait looks good. It looks attractive. It looks inviting and all they see is the bait. And instead of the anticipated pleasure when they grab the bait, comes the pain of capture and death, so it is with temptation. It dangles out there and it promises a tasty indulgence. It promises a satisfying morsel. It promises greater pleasure, fun, reward, and it lures the suckered victim into its trap and hook into a deadly way. Now, what does that?

What does that? Whose fault is that? What pulls us so strongly to the bait? Is it God? No. Is it Satan? No, Satan baits the hook and the world baits the hook and demons bait the hook and men bait the hook and a lot of folks bait the hook, but what pulls us to the hook. What pulls us to the trap, what is it? Lust, and thatís the nature of man. Our fallenness has as a part of its entity, desire for evil. Would you notice that it doesnít say, heís drawn away of lust but of his own lust. Very emphatic. His own, emphasizes that we are not talking about some generic term only that everyone possess commonly with everyone else in just the same way, but each individual, hekostas, each individual has his own particular bent of lust, which is really the thing that lures him to the bait. And is it not true that one personís passion is another personís repulsion? Sure it is. I see people who are literally, by their lust, driven into homosexuality. That absolutely repulses me. You can bait that hook all you want in front of me, and youíll see me go the other direction. We all have a certain I wouldnít want to use the word character, but we all have certain characteristics of our lust which make some baited traps and baited hooks more alluring to us than others. And thatís why he is individualizing this by saying his own lust. Now this refers to the inclination of the soul to enjoy or acquire something.

The word lust is epithumia, the core word is thumos the preposition is added to it. It means the desire of the soul. Itís the strong passion of the soul. And the problem in our sinning is not God. The problem is not even the devil, the problem is not even demons. The problem is not even the world or wicked men, listen. The word, wicked men, demons and the devil all surrounded Jesus Christ throughout his entire life and yet, he never sinned because there was never in him any epithumia there was no lust. There was no pull. Nothing put on the hook attracted him in any way. You see, the problem was not the tempter without, Flip Wilson notwithstanding, the devil doesnít make you do it. The problem is not the tempter without the problem is the traitor within. Thatís the problem. Our temptablity is because of the nature of man and his own peculiar desires and each personís soul has its own patterns of fleshly desire, as a result of his environment and his upbringing and his personal choices. So, what makes it so stupid when people cut off parts of the body. The issues is that in the nature of man, there is a propensity to desire things that satisfy and if lured to those things outside the will of God, there is the capacity to bite the hook.

By the way, you will notice that it says, when he is drawn away of his own lust, here hupo is used. The real enticement is lust. The near and direct agent and responsible cause for sin is lust. Pogo said, we have met the enemy and the enemy is us. Thatís right, thatís profound. The enemy is us.

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